EBS Smart Listening

- 15 out of 17 questions in English test every year.
"EBS CSAT(College Scholastic Ability Test) Final"
- Customized learning that fits me perfectly, "My Learning"
- Daily performance check, "Practical mother's exam"
- EBS English listening classes can be studied without purchasing additional EBS English listening materials
- 8th stage English listening speed adjustment, word learning

- "Leader-specific learning by level" according to Level
- Provides video of EBS teacher's "Listening English in the Middle"
- Providing "Learning by Subject/Type" according to each life and life

Local Government Service

- Applying the "Performance Assessment" System using the EBS English Listening Textbook
- Progress rate check system is applied to each student
(English listening class can be used)

Jeju Island

Ulju-gun of Ulsan